Build a new world.
Azuria is an open-world metaverse built around sustainability, innovation, and collaboration.
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The World of Azuria

We believe the Metaverse has the power to better the physical world.

Azuria is a place where thinkers and creators come together to share and bring their vision to reality. Azuria acts as an experimental platform where new concepts can rapidly take shape and be evaluated. Those concepts, born in the metaverse, can then diffuse into the physical world and help better it.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
– Buckminster Fuller, American Architect


Our guiding principles: Sustainability, Innovation, Collaboration, act as a value framework in the creation process. Those universal and contemporary values represent the spirit of Azuria and everyone that feels a connection to them is invited to be part of the world.

Build with Purpose

Become a creator and share your concepts with the world.

The Azuria Builder allows the creation of 3D scenes within the world of Azuria.

The builder allows you to import models directly from your favorite 3D modeling tool or pick from a vast library of included assets to compose your scene.

Your scenes can be shared with others or embeded within Azuria, on your plot of land.

The Azuria Land sale is scheduled for later this year.

Coming Q3 2022

The Azuria Droids!

The Azuria Droids are a limited set of 5555 randomly generated 3D robots that live in the Azuria Metaverse. They were launched to represent the founding community of Azuria and are available to mint.

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Key Facts

🥚 5555 droids

🎲 100% randomly generated

🎨 157 traits

🕹️ Comes with a playable 3D droid

🏷️ Mint price: 2.0 SOL

Mint a Droid

See the droids in 3D


This is our tentative 1-year roadmap. The roadmap may be updated anytime and the key milestones may occur either earlier or later than estimated.

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